D as in Dancing (yeah!) - Workshop

Part of the workhsop series The ABC of S.E.X.
D as in Dancing (like a pro!)

🔥❤️ Lapdance, striptease, or just plain old dancing to flirt, connect, have s*x fun & a great time!

Workshop: Dance! Dance! Dance!! Dance!!! Get your ass moving, your hips. Shake them! Do the shimney! (What is a shimney? You’ll see. And learn.)

🔥 Lapdance (that thing where you crawl on people’s lap and … well, dance. (But how? You’ll learn!)

🔥 Dancing in generell: Can you dance? Can you move? Of yourse you can – but are too shy, don’t know how, don’t dare to shake it, move it, are afraid to look “ridiculous”, all that. We’ll take care of “all that”, oh yes!

🔥 Dancing as a way of connecting with people you like, you want to flirt with, you want to have sex with. A first step of connecting, of creating a common ground. Asking others non-verbally to follow you into your desire, pulling them into your rhythm, offer rhythm, being physical. Dancing together, take it a step further then. Or ist dancing itself sex, already, by itself?

🔥 Dancing like a pro, like a professional. Holding poses, holding energy, holding and offering and showing and creating something others just can’t resist. Joy, and lust, and vibrant sexyness. Come along, give it a try!

❤️ Please bring: sexy sexy oh so hot clothes, and shoes. High heels? Sure! (Plus some other shoes, more comfortable, please. Dancing in high heels for the whole length of the workshop – uh ha! Possible, but can you also dance sexy, be sexy without the attire, without fancy clothes, dressed up? How? We’ll figure that one out, too.)

🔥 Okay, off we go! Dancing and moving and connecting and daring. Daring to look ridiculous, who cares? You don’t, you won’t, not anylonger. High ambitions for a workshop – but we’ll try. You’ll try. Alone, together, in intimate couplings, on laps and off laps, with distance and closeness, with posing, and breathing. Energy! Music! Dancing! Yeah.

🔥❤️ D as in Dancing (like a pro!) - workshop. ❤️🔥

Where does the event happen? Club Culture Houze, Berlin

When does the event happen?
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Early Bird Ticket

Early Bird Ticket

D as in Dancing Workhop, as part of The ABC of S.E.X.

Please note: At the workshop location there will an additional fee of 10 €, cash only. These 10 € are a drink ticket, i.e. 10 € of whatever you'll be drinking paid for by that. Workshop for FLINT* only.

Original price: €90.00 New price: €80.00