C as in Cruising

C as in Crusing

Learning the game of hooking up for quick sex, or:
From flirt to encounter & consensual play. But: How?

🔥 How does it work?
🔥 How do we flirt, and how do we turn a flirt into quick sex in the bushes, at home, in a club?
🔥 How do we turn each other on successfully, pick each other up?

🔥 Cruising happens in public spaces, mostly. So: what to do with by-standers, with unwanted attention, with people wanting to join all of a sudden? With perceived unsafe surroundings when cruising in public parks or the like?
🔥 Saying No, to others, to offers, to yourself?
🔥 And how to end a crusing action with style?

🔥 Let's learn. Let's cruise!

More Info:

Sunday, 30. October 2022
18-21 Uhr
Club Culture Houze, Görlitzer Str. 71, 10997 Berlin

120 €

Minimum of 6 people.
If minimum is not reached by 10.10. the event won't take place.
Maximum of 16 participants so as to ensure enough space & time for individual work.

🔥 C as in Cruising! 🔥

Where does the event happen? Club Culture Houze, Berlin

When does the event happen?
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Single Ticket

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