Cruising Workshop

Part of the workhsop series The ABC of S.E.X.
C as in Crusing: Click & Collect

Learning the game of hooking up for quick sex, or: from flirt to encounter & consensual play. But: How? How does it work? How do we flirt, and how do we turn a flirt into quick sex in the bushes, at home, in a club?

How do we turn each other on successfully, pick each other up? And what to do with by-standers, with unwanted attention, with people wanting to join all of a sudden? With perceived unsafe surroundings when cruising in public parks or the like? Saying No, to others, to offers, to yourself? And how to end a crusing action with style?

All this & more: in the workshop! Workshop for FLINT* only.

Pre-Sale stopped. Please email go to to check if there are still tickets available at the door on the day of the event.

Where does the event happen? Club Culture Houze, Berlin

When does the event happen?
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