I as Intensifying - Workshop

Part of the workhsop series The ABC of S.E.X.
I as in Intensifying

Getting intense. Being intense. Intense s*xuality, intense emotions.

How does intensity grow? Do you want it to grow? Can you be intense? Do you like it? Long for it?

Or are you intimitated? By your own intensity, by others’ intensity? What to do when faced with “too much”? How to communicate despite things being overwhelming?

Getting intense, yet controlling it. Loosing control, yet not flipping out. Going back and forth between states of arousal, from zero to immense. Intense. Jumpstart yourself, jump into situations. Allow being jumpstarted by others.

Go for it, together, 100 percent. More. Even more.

I as in Intensifying. Workshop.

Maximum of 8 participants to ensure time and space and individual attention – attention for your very individual process of un-learning and re-learning. S*xual patterns, sexuality – yourself, ultimately. Re-define, grow, explore.

Pre-Sale stopped. Please email go to https://hemmungslosleben.de/en/the-abc-of-sex/intensifying/ to check if there are still tickets available at the door on the day of the event.

Where does the event happen? Club Culture Houze, Berlin

When does the event happen?
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